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When you hear the name Melita, you probably wonder what it is. Is it a product, a person, or a place? Well in truth Melita is all three, literally and figuratively. Melita was once the name of the Island of present-day Malta, Melitta is a brand of coffee filters, but most importantly Melita D. Ingram is a person.
As stated earlier, I Melita Ingram, both literally and figuratively encompass what it means to be a person, place and product. As a person, I am kind approachable and detail-oriented. I work well under pressure, enjoy writing and enjoy helping others grow and succeed. As a place, figuratively I do represent the Island of Melita (Malta) as I am living on my own but am surrounded by a network of people that have influenced me or I have influenced. This network is my ocean. As a product, I am my own brand. How were the above conclusions drawn you may ask? Well allow me to explain.
During my academic career at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I discovered myself. Not necessarily through the lens of my own narrow perspective, but from the characterization of myself given to me by those around me. Through my college career there have been three themes that seemed to stick with me. I’m a good writer, I’m approachable, and I’m dependable, especially in a pinch. I know this because of my experiences I’ve had at UNCG. One experience though, seems to sum it all up. During my Public Relations class, I discovered what I wanted as a career. My entire life, I had researched jobs that encompassed that encompassed many of the things I loved, that were also in a competitive, fast-paced field. At first, I thought that nothing would be able to meet my high expectations until I learned about the field of Public Relations. I realized, hey, “I can have my cake and eat it too!”. During the semester, the coursework combined all of my interests and skills, and helped me transform into the professional that I am today.
How will this help you as a company? Well, as a potential employee, I am willing to put forth all of my positive attributes and knowledge that I have gained to help your company. As a Public Relations practitioner, I will use my writing skills, approachability and affinity for details to help you establish, maintain and grow your company or brand’s relationship with its publics.


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My name is Melita Ingram, and I am a young enthusiastic Public Relations Practitioner! My goal is to help you or your company establish and maintain a relationship with your target publics. I have a strong academic background in the field of PR and love helping others achieve their goals.

Aside from the field of PR, I enjoy reading, writing (essays, blogs, freelance), am an avid watcher of cartoons, a volleyball enthusiast, and lover of all things family-oriented. I’m a perfectionist, a nerd at heart, and a social butterfly. I’m a very unique individual with a strong mind but a kind heart! Thanks for reading!

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Welcome! This blog is dedicated to the Public Relations work of Melita Ingram. Posts include information about the Public Relations field, branding yourself and your company, how you can connect to the media, and current PR events.